PGC researchers attend annual Human Genetics Meeting

Mr. Garrido and Ms. Alcantara shared the preliminary findings of the two Philippine Genome Center’s projects, “Mutational analysis of KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, BRAF, and PTEN genes in Filipino Colorectal Cancer Patients,” and “Detection and Functionalization of KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, BRAF, and PTEN Gene Mutations in Filipino Colorectal Cancer Patients,” through poster presentations.


Reynaldo L. Garcia, PhD

Dr. Garcia did postdoctoral work in New Zealand (University of Otago Medical School), Paris (Hopital de la Pitie-Salpetriere/Universite Pierre et Marie Curie), the United States (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine) and London (University College London), before being appointed senior research scientist at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute in Scotland. He has worked on Merck- and Roche-funded projects involving characterization of drug targets for pain and development of drug screening assays for disrupting cellular proliferation in cancer, respectively.


Raul V. Destura, MD, FPSMID

Dr. Destura is a multi-awarded clinician and scientist who continuously try to narrow down the gap between Basic Science, Medical Science, and Biotechnology and community service by combining all disciplines to reach a focused goal. His “research bench to community” approach is ultimately geared towards developing low-cost technologies for the control of infectious diseases in the Philippines and the generation of new knowledge to find sustainable and equitable solutions to diseases of poverty.