Genomics for a better Philippines

The Philippine Genome Center is a genomics-focused multidisciplinary research unit that offers a full range of DNA sequencing services from single gene sequencing to high-throughput sequencing and a suite of Bioinformatics services from scripting to full project workflows.

R&D Services

From high-throughput capillary sequencing to medium and high-throughput NGS.

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Development of novel or improved computational techniques (i.e. algorithms) and tools (i.e., software) and more.

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Services centered on the assessment of total protein expression (proteomics) as well as total metabolite populations in test samples (metabolomics).

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Research and Development

PGC has an array of collaborative R&D projects under its existing programs in Health, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry, and Biodiversity, Forensics, and Ethnicity.