True to its mandate of providing access to state-of-the-art tools for genomic research and bioinformatics, the Philippine Genome Center provides a full range of DNA Sequencing services from high throughput capillary sequencing to medium and high throughput Next Generations Sequencing. At a cost reasonable to researchers and students nationwide, above services may be availed at PGC.

  • DNA Sequencing

    The DNA Sequencing Core Facility is a research and services laboratory that provides a full range of DNA sequencing services from high throughput capillary sequencing to medium and high throughput NextGen Sequencing. It is a central facility that accepts sequencing and bioinformatics service requests from clients and to conduct quality control tests to their samples, give advice on technology platforms and outsource services when necessary in the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient way possible. It will initially service the analytical needs of the different research programs within the Philippine Genome Center (Health, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Ethnicity and Forensics) and later of the wider scientific community from students, project investigators, government researcher and other genomics clients from both the public and private sectors.


  • Bioinformatics

    Together with the DNA Sequencing Core Facility, the CFB pursues research programs that are relevant to PGC’s thrusts, including the development of novel or improved computational techniques (i.e. algorithms) and tools (i.e., software), as well as collaborative research projects that aim to find solutions to complex and computing-intensive problems.


Contact the DNA Sequencing Core Facility at 981-8500 local 4707 and the Bioinformatics Facility at local 4706 or via [email protected] or [email protected] for further inquiries.