a suite of Bioinformatics Services from scripting to full project workflows

We provide data processing and analytical services for clients wishing to outsource data analysis for their next-generation sequencing data, and make available our high-performance computing servers for clients who wish to do their own data analysis.

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  • Genome and Transcriptome Assembly
  • Variant / SNP Calling
  • Sequence Similarity Search
  • SSR / Microsatellite Search and Primer Design
  • Molecular Phylogenetics
  • Customized workflows
  • Programming / Scripting

Access for analysis and storage of next-generation sequencing data. Software and databases for the following types of analysis are available:

  • NGS Data Quality Control
  • Genome, Transcriptome and Metagenome Assembly
  • Genome Alignment
  • Read Mapping and Variant Calling
  • Genome Annotation
  • Phylogenetic Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Targeted (e.g. 16s) Metagenome Analysis
  • Sequence Similarity Search

*Additional software can be installed upon request, free of charge.

Access for analysis and storage of next-generation sequencing data

Data Processing and Analysis

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For inquiries, email bioinformatics@pgc.up.edu.ph or call us at 981-8500 loc 4706

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