The Philippine Genome Center offers a suite of Bioinformatics Services from scripting to full project workflows. We provide data processing and analytical services for clients wishing to outsource data analysis for their next-generation sequencing data, and make available our high-performance computing servers for clients who wish to do their own data analysis. Our expert bioinformaticians can help guide clients new to genome-scale analysis develop workflows custom-fit for their data and project objectives in an effective and efficient manner, and our high-performance computers are equipped with fast processors, large memory, and over 150 bioinformatics software* to process and analyze genetic and genomic data of any scale.

Please visit us, or inquire at 2F Core Facility for Bioinformatics (CFB), NIMBB Bldg. National Science Complex, UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101 to get started on your project, or contact us by phone or email. You may find answers to your questions and general information on bioinformatics and high-performance computing from our wiki page.

Our Services:

  • Data Processing and Analysis for the following workflows:
    • Genome and Transcriptome Assembly
    • Variant / SNP Calling
    • Sequence Similarity Search
    • SSR / Microsatellite Search and Primer Design
    • Molecular Phylogenetics
    • Customized workflows
    • Programming / Scripting
    • High-Performance Computing access for analysis and storage of next-generation sequencing data. Software and databases for the following types of analysis are available:
      • NGS Data Quality Control
      • Genome, Transcriptome and Metagenome Assembly
      • Genome Alignment
      • Read Mapping and Variant Calling
      • Genome Annotation
      • Phylogenetic Analysis
      • Data Visualization
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
      • Targeted (e.g. 16s) Metagenome Analysis
      • Sequence Similarity Search

    * Additional software can be installed upon request, free of charge.