The Philippine Genome Center provides a full range of DNA Sequencing services from high throughput capillary sequencing to medium and high throughput Next Generation Sequencing, including nucleic acid extraction, quantification, and library preparation. Consultation is always available and encouraged. Our team can help design methodologies and identify the appropriate sequencing platform that will efficiently meet your research goals. Visit us and/or send us your inquiries and requests to 2F DNA Sequencing Core Facility, NIMBB Bldg. National Science Complex, UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101, by phone, or through email.

For first time clients, download the client information sheet, fill out the form and save it, and then send it together with your quotation request.

Our services:

    • Next Generation Sequencing for whole genome, targeted resequencing, metagenomics and RNA sequencing.
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      The following platforms are available:

      • Illumina NextSeq 500 (up to 120 Gb output paired-end read)
      • Illumina MiSeq (up to 15 Gb output paired-end read)
      • Ion Proton (up to 10 Gb output)
      • Ion Torrent PGM (up to 1 Gb output)
    • Sanger Sequencing (ABI 3730xl Sequencer)

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    • Fragment Analysis (Dyes: FAM, VIC, HEX, ROX, LIZ, PET)

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    • Fluorometric-based Quantification (Qubit Assay)

Order Form – NA Quantification

    • Nucleic Acid Extraction (Bacterial Culture, Fungi, Blood, Plant/Animal Tissue, Environmental Samples etc.)

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    • Microchip Electrophoresis (MultiNA)
    • Extract2Seq (16S gene, 18S gene, GMO detection)
    • Equipment Rental

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