Francis A. Tablizo, Arturo O. Lluisma


The complete mitochondrial (mt) DNA sequence of the rhodophyte Kappaphycus striatus (“Green Sacol” variety) was determined. The mtDNA is circular, 25,242 bases long (A+T content:69.94%), and contains 50 densely packed genes comprising 93.22% of the mitochondrial genome, with genes encoded on both strands. Through comparative  analysis, the overall sequence, genome structure, and organization of K. striatus mtDNA were seen to be highly similar with other fully sequenced mitochondrial genomes of the class Florideophyceae. On the other hand, certain degrees of genome rearrangements and greater sequence dissimilarities were observed for the mtDNAs of other evolutionary distant red algae, such as those from the class Bangiophyceae and Cyanidiophyceae, compared to that of K. striatus. Furthermore, a trend was observed wherein the red algal mtDNAs tend to encode lesser number of protein-coding genes, albeit not necessarily shorter, as the organism becomes more morphologically complex. This trend is supported by the phylogenetic tree inferred from the concatenated amino acid sequences of the deduced protein products of cycochrome c oxidase subunit genes (cox1, 2, and 3).

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