Petronio JA, Vinarao RB, Flores KM, Destura RV


To obtain descriptive information of behavioral pattern in Chinese school-aged children with cleft lip and palate. A total of 93 cleft lip and palate patients between the age of 6-11 year-old and treated at West China Stomatology Hospital were selected. And another 100 unaffected controls, matched for age and gender, were recruited randomly from a common primary school in Chengdu. Chart review of medical records was used to obtain psychosocial checklists. Scores were compared with published norms and controls to evaluate the risk of problems, separately for three diagnostic groups. The patients group had lower scores of social and academic competencies, especially those with facial deformity or speech problem. No difference was found in the aspect of activity competency. All patients showed elevations in behavior problems. But the type of behavior problems varied in different genders. Chinese school-aged children with cleft lip and palate are at raised risk for social and academic difficulties. Specific pattern of behavior problems displays differently depending on gender of the patient.

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