Last week, March 3 to 7, DSCF and CFB facilitated a workshop for PCAARRD and PCIEERD researchers and staff on genomics and bioinformatics. The 5-day boot camp included lectures, hands-on laboratory experiments, and computer work which aimed to familiarize the participants with the latest developments in the field of genomics and bioinformatics, to update them regarding current research projects, and to demonstrate the capabilities of the Philippine Genome Center Core Facilities. Genomics activities included DNA extraction by spin column kit and automated magnetic bead-based system, gene amplification by PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis and automated chip electrophoresis, DNA quantification by spectrophotometry and fluorometry, and capillary sequencing. Bioinformatics activities included an introduction to Linux, and sequencing data quality filtering, assembly, annotation, mapping, and visualization. As part of the lecture series of the workshop, Dr. Dindo Tabanao of the Philippine Rice Research Institute was invited to give a talk on NGS Applications for Crop Varietal Improvement.