PGC’s Clinical Genomics Laboratory / COVID-19 lab releases updated rates for its swab testing services to reflect the base price of P3800.00 following the DOH & DTI Joint Administrative Order No. 2020-0001. The swabbing schedule runs from Mondays to Fridays, with the booth located at the Institute of Mathematics, National Science Complex, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

A prior appointment is required to schedule a swab test through the drive-thru and on-foot swabbing service. To schedule a swab test, individuals or companies must prepare a filled out Case Investigation Form (CIF) and send a copy together with their contact information and complete address to or 09989967207 (Office Hours Only 8am-5pm).

Below are the updated rates for swab testing:
Private Individual (P3,800+12%VAT) P4,256.00
Government Individual/Student (P3,800 Less 20%+12%VAT) P3,404.80
Senior Citizen/PWD (P3,800 less 20% SCD, VAT exempt) P3,040.00

Important notice:
As per the Department of Health, individuals who show symptoms of fever and cough should seek immediate medical attention from a qualified health professional.

DOH Hotline (COVID-19 Inquiries):
02 -894-26843

One Hospital Command Center Hotline (Hospital/Healthcare facility locator):

(02) 886 505 00

Visit this page for more information on requesting a swab test from PGC:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):