The Philippine Genome Center’s DNA Sequencing Core Facility (DSCF) through its Program Director, Dr. Cynthia P. Saloma, hosted a Balik Scientist in the person of Dr. Ernesto C. Almira of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, University of Florida, USA.

In his exit report presentation Dr. Almira espouses democratization of genomic sequencing or making it more accessible to researchers and the public.

He shared that recent developments in next generation sequencing technologies are very useful in many applications in medicine, industry, agriculture and forensics. Dr. Almira who also serves as the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of DSCF also confirmed that the same NextGen Sequencing will be available in Philippine Genome Center.

Dr. Ernesto Almira receives certificate of appreciation during his exit presentation held recently at the DOST Executive Lounge, DOST Compound, Taguig City. He was joined by Asec. Ma. Lourdes P. Orijola (Director, DOST Balik Scientist Program), Dr. Cynthia P. Saloma (PGC-DSCF Program Director) and PGC Deputy Executive Director Dr. Ernelea P. Cao.

The Balik Scientist Program is spearheaded and funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) since 1975 to strengthen the scientific and technological capabilities of the academe, industry, public and private institutions; promote information exchange; accelerate the flow of new technologies into the country and stimulate the development of new or strategically important technologies that are vital to national development. The Program allows science and technology experts of Filipino descent to visit the country for short term consultancy and if feasible, consider returning permanently to work in the Philippines.