PhD Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UP Diliman); MD (UP Manila)

Areas of Current Research: Gene expression and network analyses; Translational medicine on diagnostics and drug discovery

The advocacy of Dr. Jose Nevado can be summarized into a few distinct agenda. First, he focuses on topics that are of immense clinical and public health relevance, that is, the most common medical conditions of our community. These will include infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and asthma. His interest in adult diseases stems from his training as an internist in the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital. Second, he is passionate in investigations involving elucidation of mechanisms of diseases using relevant and modern technology. With his training in translational medicine in cardiovascular disorders the Translational Medicine Branch of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of (NHLBI) the US National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Human Genetics in the National Institutes of Health in the Philippines, he was exposed to the use of high-end facilities for genomics, transcriptomics, protein research, microscopy and bioinformatics. Through these methods, he intends to discover therapeutic targets, diagnostic markers and prognostic indicators that could be eventually useful for healthcare applications. In all of these, and mindful of the socioeconomic context of healthcare in the Philippines, he remains conscious of the need of cost-effective strategies that are applicable in the country. Third, he strongly advocates translational approaches in biomedical research discovery. He has been adept at using animal models following good laboratory practices, and he prefers that preclinical finding be pursued further towards clinical studies once a high likelihood of useful application is presumed. Fourth, he supports the need to educate people to establish interest and impress the need for biomedical research. He is an active affiliate professor and adviser of several medical students and graduate students of the College of Medicine of the University of the Philippines. Lastly, he really believes that research can generate intellectual property portfolio, which should be used to generate technological and economic benefits that will develop the worldwide community. He is a certified patent agent, passing the Patent Agent Qualifying Examinations last 2013. For his own, he applied for 2 patents as an inventor – one on the use of chicken antibodies for the detection of dengue1, and another on the use of a host protein for the prognostication of septic patients.

In line with his advocacies, Dr. Nevado had been involved in various researches. His study on patients with unstable angina and non-ST elevation myocardial infarction has been cited in the ACC/AHA guidelines as an evidence for the lack of basis of the use of folic acid in these patients.2 Further studies on the same patients shows the possible impact of blood homocysteine levels as a predictor of adverse clinical outcomes on the condition.3
His research work with the Translational Medicine Laboratory of Dr. Manfred Boehm in NHLBI on epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) on vascular injury has been well cited.4 The findings that a significant portion of occluding cells during vascular repair emanates from endothelial cells that transitioned into smooth-muscle like cells, which has less optimal function.

Presently, Dr, Nevado is involved in several researches. He is the project leader on studies involving gene expression studies on complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus, on prognosticators of leptospirosis and sepsis, and the use of short interfering RNA on myocardial regeneration after a heart attack. He is also involved in studies on the genomics of cardiovascular dieases, type 2 diabetes mellitus and asthma. He is hopeful that these studies can lead to an in-depth understanding of these diseases and generate helpful clinical uses.

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PhD Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UP Diliman); MD (UP Manila)

Areas of Current Research: Gene expression and network analyses; Translational medicine on diagnostics and drug discovery