Raul V. Destura, Rohani B. Cena, Ma. Jowina H. Galarion, Coleen M. Pangilinan, Geraldine M. Arevalo, Ryan Oliver C. Alba, Joy Ann G. Petronio, Gielenny M. Salem, Brian Schwem, Jesus Emmanuel A. D. Sevilleja


Cryptosporidium is increasingly being recognized as an important cause of diarrhea worldwide. Although well known for its impact among HIV positive population, improved diagnostic tests have contributed to its emerging recognition one among the most prevalent causes of early childhood moderate to severe diarrhea, persistent diarrhea, and impaired neurocognitive development. The diagnosis of Cryptosporidiosis is generally carried out based on availability of skilled microscopist or advanced equipment for molecular- and immunologic-based assays. As an emerging enteric pathogen of medical importance, the need for point-of-care technology is deemed necessary for early identification of the pathogen and application of infection control measures for its potential risk of creating outbreaks. Current point-of-care technologies demonstrate varying sensitivities and specificities and may already address the present diagnostic need.

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