Last February 25-26, 2013, Denice, Gabriel, and David of the DSCF went to Shimadzu Singapore to train for the usage of the Shimadzu MultiNA automated electrophoresis machine, which the facility has acquired. The MultiNA is a chip electrophoresis system that can determine concentrations and sizes of DNA and RNA samples. Because micro channels are used for electrophoresis, only minute amounts of the samples are needed, resolution is high, and best of all, it’s automated for high-throughput applications. The training consisted of theories and concepts behind the system, preparation of samples, operation of the machine and software, and troubleshooting.

The MultiNA unit will be used in PGC-DSCF operations mainly for quality checks of the DNA/RNA samples prior to sequencing. Many thanks to Mr. Djohan Kesuma for being a wonderful teacher!