The Biobanking Core Facility is inviting everyone to join the webinar “Showcasing Experiences and Best Practices from International Human Biobanks” on April 8, 2024, Monday at 3:00 PM (Manila Time), and 8:00 AM (Italy Time)

With resource speaker Dr. Devis Pascut from the Italian Liver Foundation, the webinar aims to increase awareness and understanding of biobanks among Filipino researchers by showcasing experiences and activities of international human biobanks.

Dr. Devis Pascut is a Senior Researcher in translational oncology at the Italian Liver Foundation (Fondazione Italiana Fegato – ONLUS) located in the Area Science Park in Basovizza, Italy. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the University of Trieste and has extensive experience in molecular cancer medicine and biotechnology.

More about the speaker:

Dr. Pascut’s current role at the Italian Liver Foundation involves leading research projects and coordinating cross-border collaborations in translational oncology. He serves as the Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator for various initiatives aimed at biomarker discovery and validation in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and related conditions.

Recently, he has been involved in several significant projects, including the development of a cross-border biobanking model for translational research studies (INTERREG ITA_SLO 2014-2020 11CTE project) and Enhancing molecular diagnostics of circulating tumor DNA through advanced sequencing methodologies (Liquid biopsy tools for HCC).”

Dr. Pascut has been publishing several papers in peer-reviewed journals, focusing on advancements in cancer diagnostics and treatment. His research findings were also presented at various international conferences, contributing significantly to research advancements in the field of translational liver oncology.

This webinar is free and open to the public. Learn more about the genome center’s Biobanking Core Facility here.

Watch part of the conducted webinar here: