The Biobanking Core Facility (BCF) conducted a “Workshop on Human Biobanks” at the Industrial Technology Development Institute – Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ITDI) on February 26, 2024.

Dr. Michael Velarde, Program Director of the BCF presented the following sessions during the workshop:

  1. Introduction to Human Biobanks
  2. Ethical and Legal Considerations
  3. Biobank Operations and Management
  4. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Human Biobanking
  5. Biobanking Applications and Research

The workshop concluded with a group activity where attendees assessed DOST-ITDI’s resources for biobanking human samples. Breakout sessions addressed challenges, proposed solutions, and identified collaboration opportunities for advancing human biobanking projects.

One of the Biobanking Core Facilities mandates is to be able to provide comprehensive training programs for the handling and management of biological samples. For more information about PGC Biobanking services, visit