Held in an intimate setting that is conducive to free-wheeling and informal discussions, participants will discuss trends in local and international genomics research in the marine sciences and, more importantly, speculate or make predictions on future breakthroughs in the field.


UP Bolinao Marine Lab (
& El Pescador Hotel, Pangasinan (


September 3-4, 2016


Cecilia Conaco (MSI,
Ma. Anita Bautista (NIMBB,
Baltazar Aguda (PGC,


Rachell Bacsa (PGC,


3 Sept 2016 (Saturday)

5:30am : Bus departs from MBB, UP Diliman
12nn-1:30pm : Arrival, Hotel Check-in & Lunch at Hotel
1:30-1:45pm : Drive to BML; Welcome Remarks (Cecilia Conaco)
1:45-3:00pm : Tour of the Bolinao Marine Lab
3:00-3:10pm : Back to Hotel
3:10-3:15pm : Introduction to the workshop (Baltz Aguda)
3:15-6:00pm : Short talks & discussions (details below)
6:00-8:00pm : Dinner
8:00-10:00pm : Short talks & discussions (details below)

4 Sept 2016 (Sunday)

6:00-8:00am   : Breakfast
8:00-10:00am  : Short talks and discussions (details below)
10:00-12:00nn : Visit to the giant clam ocean nursery (canceled due to bad weather)
12:00nn      : Lunch


Saturday, 3 Sept, 3:15-6:15pm (3 hrs; 5 speakers; 10mins each; 1 break after 3 speakers)

1. Baltazar Aguda: Genomics in the Context of Marine Ecosystems
2. Rachel Gotanco: Genomic approaches to marine biodiversity research: Old questions, new technologies, new directions
3. Lucille Villegas: Exploring the diversity of prokaryotic marine viruses through metagenomics
4. Cecilia Conaco: Insights into genome evaluation from marine organisms
5. Caroline Jaraula: (Paleo)environmental changes, the Philippine setting and links to marine biodiversity

Saturday, 3 Sept, 8-10pm (2 hrs; 4 speakers; 10mins each; 1 break after 2 speakers)

6. Patrick Cabaitan: Trends in coral reef ecology research
7. Annette Meñez: Understanding Recruitment, Growth and Regeneration of Sea Cucumbers: Ecological and Economic Opportunities
8. Ian Fontanilla: Taal Lake as a model site for allopatric speciation for marine species of the West Philippine Sea
9. Ma. Anita Bautista: Landscape genomics dives into sea

Sunday, 4 Sept, 8-10am (2 hrs; 4 speakers + 1 summary speaker; 10mins each)

10. Eiza Yu: High resolution mass spectrometry: Weighing in on molecules and their interactions
11. Lilia Fernando: Marine-based materials for nanobiotechnology applications
12. Arturo Lluisma: Building and leveraging bioinformatics infrastructure for genomics research
13. Jorge Gil Angeles: Microbial and Marine Omics Research at the PGC-Agriculture
14. Summary of Workshop (Cecilia Conaco)


1. Cecilia Conaco
(MSI faculty & Deputy Director of Bolinao Marine Lab | | gene expression dynamics, comparative genomics, evolution and development, marine microbiology)
2. Ma. Anita Bautista
(NIMBB faculty & Upcoming Director of PGC’s DNA Sequencing Core Facility | | Molecular Entomology; Landscape Genetics; Genomics; Bioinformatics)
3. Baltazar Aguda
(PGC Executive Director | | computational systems biology)
4. Arturo Lluisma
(MSI faculty & former Director of PGC’s Core Facility for Bioinformatics | | marine genomics, molecular genomics, and bioinformatics; phylogenetics and genetic diversity; algal and microbial biotechnology)
5. Eliza Yu
(Institute of Chemistry faculty | | mass spectrometry, proteomics, fungal endophytes, enzymology)
6. Annette Meñez
(former MSI Director | | population/conservation genetics, invertebrate reproductive biology and production/culture, breeding)
7. Rachel Gotanco
(MSI faculty | | population genetics, phylogeography)
8. Caroline Jaraula
(MSI faculty | | environmental biogeochemistry, organic and stable isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography)
9. Patrick Cabaitan
(MSI faculty | | Coral reef ecology and restoration, conservation of marine resources, reproduction of corals and culture of giant clams)
10. Lerma Maldia
(UPLB Forestry faculty | | forest canopy metagenomics)
11. Maria Amelita C. Estacio
(UPLB faculty Veterinary Sciences | or | drug development and dev’t of biomedical products)
12. Lucille Villegas
(UPLB Deputy Director, Institute of Biological Sciences | or | Microbiology/Virology/Microbial Genetics)
13. Lilia Fernando
(UPLB affiliate faculty | | nanobiotech)
14. Jorge Gil C. Angeles
(PGC-Agri | | molecular biology, epigenetics and bioinformatics)
15. Ian Kendrich Fontanilla
(Institute of Biology, UPD faculty; upcoming Director of PGC’s Biodiversity Program | | molecular phylogenetics; malacology)


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