PGC Talks: World Expert Lecture Series featuring Prof. Dr. Glenn Satuito on February 23, 2024

The Philippine Genome Center will be hosting Prof. Dr. Glenn Satuito on February 23, 2024 (Friday), for a lecture on the following topics as an extension of his World Expert Lecture Series under the WELS Grant Program: Settlement Behavior of Benthic Marine Invertebrates Oyster Aquaculture Industry in Isahaya Bay, Nagasaki, Japan: Status and Challenges Prof. […]

Cracking the genomes of marine & non-model organisms: novel approaches for correcting, assembling and scaffolding genomic data using de Bruijn graphs and Hi-C contact maps

For a very long time, most bioinformatic tools for handling genome data have been geared toward haploid (or diploid but nearly homozygous) organisms such as humans, bacteria and laboratory strains of model species. As a result, these tools often perform very badly on highly heterozygous diploid or polyploid organisms, which is the case of many non-model and/or marine species.