Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2016, 12 noon (Manila Time)


Systems Biology activities in the Philippines began in early 2003 with courses on modeling biological networks at NIMBB and the Math Department, as well as the launch of the Mathematical Life Sciences Initiative (MLSI). The talk will present briefly the highlights of the First Decade of Systems Biology in the Philippines (2003-2013)-considered as the “Past”-which consisted largely of Filipino computational scientists collaborating with foreign experimental researchers. The main focus of the lecture will be on the challenges of “the Present “ – the transition to stronger, multidisciplinary collaboration between local experimental and computational groups in the country (from 2014 to the present), using various ongoing projects as examples. The talk will conclude with an assessment of research opportunities, and the role that PGC can play in realizing this potential.

eduardo_mendozaDr. Eduardo Mendoza

Adjunct Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science
University of the Philippines in Diliman, Los Baños and Manila;

Guest Scientist at the Physics Department of the Ludwig Maximilians University
and at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (both in Munich, Germany).

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About the Speaker

Ed Mendoza studied mathematics at Ateneo de Manila, Heidelberg University and Bonn University. He completed his PhD under G. Harder and F. Hirzebruch with a thesis on the “Cohomology of PGL2 over imaginary quadratic integers”. While an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Wuppertal University, his collaboration with communications engineers led to a strong interest in computer networks and a move to the IT industry in October 1980.

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