Last July 28, the Supreme Court of the Philippines reversed its previous decision that disallowed the field trials of the genetically modified organism (GMO) Bt talong. The reversal, according to Theodore Te, spokesperson of the Supreme Court, was on the grounds of mootness, or when an issue has lost practical significance in the eyes of the law.

The decision follows nine motions for reconsideration filed by proponents of the Bt talong, among which were the University of the Philippines, and the University of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation.

It can be recalled that last December 8, the Supreme Court of the Philippines released a decision that effectively stopped all field trials of Bt talong. The directive was on the grounds of uncertain risks of harm which may be serious and irreversible.

This ruling followed a petition by environmental group Greenpeace and farmers’ group Masipag against proponents of the genetically modified eggplant.

The following resource concisely explains the science behind Bt GM crops and provides data that is of relevance to human and environmental safety.