The DNA Sequencing Core Facility (DSCF) partnered with Dovetail Genomics to host a webinar featuring resource speaker Dr. Chui Li on July 3, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Learn more about this talk below:

Importance of Chromosomal Scale Genome Assembly 

Achieving chromosomal-scale genome assembly is essential for unlocking the full potential of plant and animal genomes. This comprehensive assembly bridges gaps and spans entire chromosomes, providing a deeper understanding of gene organization, regulatory elements, and structural variants. This insight allows researchers to decipher complex genomic interactions, gene functions, and regulatory networks, leading to groundbreaking discoveries in agrigenomics, breeding, disease resistance, and conservation. 

The New Frontier: Haplotype Resolved Analysis 

Advanced sequencing technologies have ushered in the era of haplotype-resolved analysis, enabling the detailed dissection of individual haplotypes and allelic variations within a genome, even in complex polyploid organisms. This method addresses the unique challenges posed by polyploidy in plants by distinguishing homologous chromosomes and deciphering their distinct genetic variations. By unraveling the allelic diversity within polyploid genomes, researchers can better understand the contributions of different gene copies to traits, adaptation, and domestication. The haplotype-resolved analysis thus opens new avenues for understanding the genetic basis of polyploid plants’ diversity, resilience, and agronomic importance.  Join us in this session to explore the significance of chromosomal scale genome assembly and the transformative power of haplotype-resolved analysis. These cutting-edge techniques are revolutionizing genomics, breeding, and biotechnology, accelerating progress in plant and animal research.

More about the speaker:

Chui-Li is the Head of Commercial, APAC for Dovetail Genomics, overseeing all business operations in the APAC region. Previously, she served as the Senior Manager of the Service and Support organization at Illumina, effectively managing Field Applications scientists, Field Service Engineers, and Technical Support Scientists across diverse countries in South Korea, Southeast Asia, and India. With ~26 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry, Chui-Li possesses a robust research background. She has held roles as a Research Scientist in various companies, leading projects encompassing drug discovery programs and fundamental scientific research utilizing proteomics and genomics technologies. Additionally, she has contributed to the field as a Scientific Officer and Medical Technologist during the early stages of her career.