The Philippine Genome Center recently partnered with Assumption Antipolo in hosting six (6) STEM cluster SHS students for a work immersion program held on February 19-23, 2018. The program opened (Feb. 19) with a short introduction from Dr. Neil Andrew Bascos (PGC Deputy Director) and an orientation about the DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics Facility (DSBF) by Dr. Benedict Maralit (Laboratory Manager). The students were then given a tour of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) labs, DSBF laboratory, and a brief visit to the new PGC building. Afterwards, the students were deployed to their designated stations. Three (3) students were assigned at the PGC-Bioinformatics Facility and the rest at the Institute of Biology’s DNA Barcoding laboratory.

(L) Students assigned at the DNA Barcoding lab headed by Dr. Ian Fontanilla (PGC Biodiversity Director) and (R) Bioinformatics students mentored by Mr. Carlo Lapid (Computational Genomics and Systems Biology, Senior Research Associate).

The immersion was conducted in a span of five days wherein the students reported to their designated work stations not more than 8 hours per day. On the last day of the immersion, the students each shared about their experience and presented a short project (one per team) assigned to them by their mentors. The program was concluded with a closing remarks from Dr. Cynthia Saloma (PGC Executive Director).

  • NIMBB tour of the laboratories c/o Ms. Cielo San Diego (Feb. 19)
  • NIMBB tour (Feb. 19)
  • NIMBB tour (Feb. 19)
  • Students share their experience during the closing of the immersion. (Feb. 23)
  • Dr. Cynthia P. Saloma talking to the students during the closing of the immersion. (Feb. 23)
  • Students during the closing of the work immersion (Feb. 23).
  • Student interns w/ their mentors and (1st row, L-R) PGC Deputy Director Dr. Neil Bascos, Executive Director Dr. Cynthia Saloma,and CGSB Director Dr. Jan Yap

The Work Immersion component of the K to 12 Basic Education Program aims to provide Senior High School (SHS) students with opportunities to become familiar with the workplace for employment simulation and to apply their competence in areas of specialization in authentic work environments necessary in preparing them for higher education.

Partner institutions must abide by the labor advisory released by the Department of Labor and Employment: Labor Advisory No. 9, Series of 2017: Guidance to Host Establishments in Ensuring Safe Workplaces for Senior High School Students under Work Immersion Program (Concept of Work Immersion, Work Immersion Partnership, Other Conditions, and Repealing Clause).