Sample Preparation

These are a selection of miscellaneous processing methods of samples performed prior to purification and analysis.

Fractionate samples based on different densities by spinning samples up to 100,000 rpm or ~800,000 x G

Completely remove the solvent from samples through freeze drying with temperatures up to -110°C

Increase the concentration of samples by removing excess solvent via centrifugation with simultaneous reduction of pressure

Removes contaminants (e.g. salts, reducing agents, etc.) in a solution by diffusion through a semipermeable membrane, such as dialysis tubing.

Replace the buffering solvent of the sample through the use of a stirred cell membrane filter which retains solutes of particular molecular weights

  • Perform reduction-alkylation and proteolytic digestion (e.g. tryptic digestion) on semi-purified and/or purified protein extracts as preparation for further analysis.
  • Solid-phase extraction (SPE) treatment or sample clean-up using C18 Spin Columns on peptide or protein extracts